World Social Strip Poker

Welcome back to the Black Box Bellagio. You're watching the live World Series of Social Strip Poker! The stakes are high, there is big data on the line, leaking identities everywhere and a WSSP title... Let's go back to the game!

One of the driving forces behind a gambling game is the uncertain state of 'simultaneously knowing and not-knowing'. With poker for instance, players risk their bet by judging the value of their cards over their opponents’ by trying to deduct clues from nonfactual elements when playing face to face. One tries to read the opponent's behavior and facial expressions, and assess whether they’re bluffing or not.

Proof is ‘found’ in subjective predictions – a mathematical game made human. This subjectivity is surprisingly similar to profiling risks and identities through online algorithms. Think of someone who googles nail polish, who is automatically considered female. Such elements of uncertainty, insecurity and overgeneralization are indispensable for the Black Box Bellagio. Play with the (un)fairness of expected values and chances, predicted risks, and giving up your identity.

Disclaimer: The house always seems to win.


Director & Screenplay Roos Groothuizen
Actors Remco Akkerman, Niek Groothuizen, Cyanne van den Houten, Jurriaan de Kok, Ymer Marinus, Yavid Mounir
Voice Over Donny Baarns
Camera Ruben Baart, Floris van Driel, Roos Groothuizen
Editing & Animation Roos Groothuizen
Light & Technician Ramses van den Hurk
Many thanks to Theater Frascati (location), Frascati 15:15, Sandberg Instituut Design Department