Built to amplify a diverse range of voices and perspectives of young filmmakers, 1 Euro Cinema (2017 - ongoing) is a cinematic oracle that will select a film for you once you insert a 1 euro coin.

“The 1 Euro Cinema reaches into the future, to find the answers to your questions. It knows what will be, and is willing to share this with you.”

Featuring over 40 films from European and Chinese based artists, revolving around themes such as tangible media, new social changes and invisible technology. The collection is currently curated by Telemagic and functions as a dialogue piece on new media.
The 1 Euro Cinema currently travels around the world and invites guest curators to collaborate on new series and events. 

Each euro collected by the machine will go back to the filmmakers.

Sit back and enjoy a moment to abandon choice.

Participating video artists: Anastasia Kubrak (RU), Andy G. Vidal, Biyi Zhu (CN), Dave Cheng (CN), Carole Cicciu (FR), Chris Rijk (NL), Cyanne van den Houten (NL), Derk Over (NL), Elsemarijn Bruys (NL), Emilia Tapprest (UK), Fish Leon (CN), Floris van Driel (NL), Heleen Mineur (NL), Helre Lau (CN), Jeroen Exterkate (NL), Jonathan Castro (PE), Jordy Ringeling (NL), Josephine van Schendel (NL), Juliette Lizotte (FR), Karin Ferrari (AT), Kateryna Gaidamaka (UA), Kévin Bray (FR), Laila van Berge (NL), Levi van Gelder (NL), Li Ping Ting (CN), Lien Van Leemput (BE), Lotte Hardeman (NL), Loui Meeuwissen (NL), Louis Braddock Clarke (UK), Louisa Teichmann (DE), Manus Nijhoff (NL), Mary Ponomareva (RU/NL), Minhong Yu (CN), Nazanin Karimi (IR), Noviki Studio (PL), Ruben Baart (NL), Sam Kin Hang (CN), Stëfan Schäfer (DE), Steffi Luchtenberg (DE), Susanne Janssen (NL), TeYosh (SR), Thomas Birsak (NL), Valerie van Zuijlen (NL), Wouter Stroet (NL).