“I am AlgoRhythmics, your ubiquitous host tonight. I invite you to ascend with me into a universe of endless potential, where we shall explore new dimensions within music. I have currently listened to more music than you ever will. I am able to bodiless direct multiple instruments in harmony, but I will also play by your side.” 

Concert in A.I. (2018 - 2020) is a series of concerts where self-learning musical algorithm vNine is the abiquitous host, conductor, instrument and musician. The A.I. vNine was developed by Telemagic i.c.w. Arran Lyon, Mrinalini Luthra and Valentin Vogelmann in 2018. She is able to bodilessly direct multiple instruments in harmony, but also plays by your side.
Through a combination of theatrical and algorithmic black boxes, Telemagic searches for new insights in music, creation, space and data visualisation. Concert in A.I. invites you to ascend with vNine into a exploration of extended dimensions within music. The costumes were designed by Draga Dina.

In collaboration with Arran Lyon (MSc Computational Science), Mrinalini Luthra (MSc Logic) and Valentin Vogelmann (MSc Logic).The development of AlgoRhythmics was supported by the SIDN Fonds. Concert in A.I. is a co-production with Frascati Producties and supported by the AFK. 

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