Black Mirror Stories (2020)

Black Mirror Stories is a card game inspired by existing game Black Stories and the famous tv-series Black Mirror, this game consists of 20 illustrated cards with dystopian, tech-related riddles. Illustrations by Isa van Weert. I wrote all the stories and designed the deck.

Download the entire deck:
Nederlandse versie
English version

Making Black Mirror Stories riddles is a form of creating speculative scenarios. Speculating about future consequences of technology is a perfect exercise to understand what new technologies are capable of. Something that Black Mirror and other science-fiction stories have proven over and over.

I give workshops from time to time. Participants will learn to create their own riddles and we’ll dive deeper into real live examples of fiction becoming reality, and how science-fiction helps us preparing ourselves for future consequences/mishaps. Watch the video.

If you’re interested in booking this workshop, feel free to contact me at hello[at]