The Black Box Bellagio

Welcome to The Black Box Bellagio  - an unusual casino that won't take your money, but is after your freedom, integrity and private data. Play with the (un)fairness of expected values and chances, predicted risks, and giving up your identity.

It is a well-known fact that Facebook uses algorithms to track our behavior. But what these algorithms do, is commonly unknown. Still, we are held responsible for our choices. Nowadays, therefore, we approach the most mundane things with a hint of suspicion; consider food, technology, news, doctors or bankers. In this imposed state of insecurity, all our options seem to be untrustworthy. Everything is false until proven otherwise. Such elements of uncertainty, insecurity and overgeneralization are indispensable for the Black Box Bellagio.

Disclaimer: The house always seems to win.

The Black Box Bellagio was on show at:

Live jazz performed by Liberati Quartet and Pistachtrio.
Photos by Charlotte Brand.

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